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 Harris Law understands that hiring an attorney can be overwhelming. However, this is one of the most important things going on in your life, so the decision is crucial. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) suggests the following tips in searching for the right attorney. 

Tips on hiring an attorney

Approachable and easy to talk to

From the moment you enter our office in Nixa, Missouri you are greeted by professional and friendly staff. The relaxed atmosphere at Harris Law makes you feel at home and works to ease tension. By focusing on the needs of our clients Harris Law is able to take a wholistic approach to representation that ensures you are taken care of no matter your situation. 


What to expect

 In every case, we first look to negotiate. By taking this stance, we can increase the chances that your case will be resolved in a way that minimizes the effects of litigation on you and your family. If you are able to reach a settlement, it is more likely that you will be able to preserve relationships, and reduce stress. When you adopt a strategy of negotiation and settlement from the outset, you have a significant opportunity to lower the overall costs of your case by keeping attorney’s fees to a minimum. 

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Tips On Hiring An Attorney



Many lawyers specialize in a particular area of the law. Be sure your attorney has relevant experience. An attorney who regularly drafts wills may not be the best choice to represent you in a courtroom if the subject is an auto accident. 

Harris Law is a general practice law firm that focuses its representation on you. Although we don't practice every area of law we do handle those cases that mostly commonly affect your daily life: 

Family Law, Criminal Law, Auto Accident, Personal Injury, Slip & Fall, Injury Attorney in Ozark, Injury Attorney in Springfield, Injury Attorney in Nixa, DWI, Speeding Tickets, and Traffic Tickets.



Try to talk with more than one lawyer before you choose the one to represent you. But find out if you will be charged for an initial meeting. Be prepared to describe your problem in a brief, clear summary. Ask the various lawyers about their experience, their fees, what your options might be, your chances of success, who will do the work, and when the problem might be resolved.

Harris Law offers a FREE consultation.


Once you decide to hire a lawyer, be sure you understand what you've both agreed to. How often will the lawyer update you? What information will you be required to provide? Do you understand all your options? What will the total cost be? If you're not clear on exactly what the lawyer is doing, ask for clarification. Although your chances of success can't be guaranteed, discuss approaches to your case. You should be comfortable with your lawyer's approach to your case. Be up front with your lawyer on all the facts and circumstances surrounding your situation. You may want to get the agreement with your lawyer in writing.

Harris Law offers an online case system that connects you with every aspect of your case. That way, you can communicate directly with the attorney and staff, see your entire file, monitor your invoices, and even check the calendar.

MyCase Client Portal


Before any work begins, ask what the cost will be for the lawyer's services and whether you will be responsible for other fees and charges. State ethics rules require lawyers to charge a reasonable fee. The American Bar Association advises that lawyers explain their fees, preferably in writing, within a reasonable time after beginning to represent you. And some state bars require that lawyers put their fees in writing before they take a case. Your lawyer may charge you extra for copying documents, courier services, court filing fees, or research services. Be sure you understand what you will be charged for and how much.

Harris Law will provide a complete explanation (in writing) of all fees and costs associated with representation. In some cases we even take no upfront fees and all of your fees will be paid from the settlement. In those cases, if we don't win, you don't pay! (contingency fee cases) 


 Remember the most expensive lawyer is not necessarily the best one for you. Nor is a "bargain" rate always a great deal. Look for the best balance of experience and cost. You may want to ask your lawyer if a junior lawyer or paralegal can perform some of the work to lower your costs. You also may want to ask if there are tasks you could perform yourself to save time and money. For example, you might be able to copy, pick up or deliver certain documents. A lawyer may charge you a flat fee for a particular service or offer alternative methods of payment. Each has benefits and risks. 

Harris Law strives to meet client's goals by following these basic guidelines.


1. Be upfront and honest about the reasonable outcome of a client’s case.

2. Be respectful of each client’s time and resources.

3. Prepare a creative and common sense strategy to achieve each client’s goals.

4. Provide sound legal advice and personal guidance to each client during the decision making process.

5. Treat clients, opposing parties, opposing counsel, witnesses, judges, and court personnel with civility and respect.

6. Maintain open lines of communication with our clients at all times.

7. Employ an interdisciplinary approach to resolving all legal matters that achieves the best possible outcome.

8. Fight for the client!

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