What is the value of your case?

The value of your settlement, after you have been injured in an accident, is directly related to the amount of money you are willing to accept for your injuries, pain, suffering, and inconvenience (among others). Many attorneys and insurance adjusters will attempt to apply some form of formula in order to establish the value of your case. One common formula is the multiplier. They take the total amount of medical expenses (even if you did not pay out of pocket for them), the property damage, the lost earnings (past, present, and future), and estimated future medical. They then multiply that by a number (1.5-6) that is dependent on the circumstances of the accident. How bad are your injuries? How much treatment did you endure? Are you expected to make a full recovery or are there lasting permanent injuries? What affect did this incident have on your daily life? Was the negligence of

that at fault party severe? Were they texting and driving? Were they under the influence of drugs and alcohol? Were they speeding? There are of course many more questions that may give more insight into the severity of the circumstances. The more severe the circumstances were, the higher the multiplier will be in calculating your pain and suffering. These damages will then be off-set by any comparative fault you may have in the accident. While insurance companies will many times make you believe you are at fault, the truth is that in most cases one party will accept 100% of the liability.


The value of your case can be determined by speaking with an attorney. Harris Law offers free consultations so that they can learn the facts of your case and determine if you are a good fit for the firm, and whether the firm is the right attorney for you. At Harris Law it costs nothing to learn the value of your case, so contact them today to set your immediate free consultation. (417-724-8003)

Medical Bills: $20,000.00

Lost Earnings: $5,000.00

Property Damage: $15,000.00


TOTAL: $40,000.00



Simple accident, Quick Recovery = 1.5

Extended Recovery, Broken Bones = 2-4

Alcohol Involved, Permenant injuries = 5-6