Product Liability or Auto Manufacturing Defect


Automobile accident litigation may involve a class of litigation known as products liability. These claims involve a defect in a given motor vehicle which caused the accident and resulting injuries. These defects can include tire blowout, brake failure and mechanical failure. They can even include a defect in related tools such as the car jack or spare tire.


Springfield Missouri Products Libaility Attorney Joel Harris understands that you rely on tools to work properly. When those tools have defects then people get hurt. Companies whose products have caused injury or possibly even death should be held liable for damages. This not only concerns defective consumer products but also accident cases involving automobiles, heavy equipment or machinery.


Often, a design or manufacturing defect will not cause the actual accident, but are the cause of the injuries sustained in the accident or cause the injuries to be worse than they would have been had the device worked properly. Common examples of this include the following design defects:


SUV more susceptible to rolling over in an accident

Gas tank more likely to ignite in a collision

Manufacturing defect which causes a seatbelt to fail

Failure of an airbag to deploy properly