The Missouri Electronic Filing System

We are pleased to announce that the Missouri judiciary again is forging ahead to improve services to its users. Ten years ago, we were working to get our courts onto a single case management system; now we are now moving from paper-only filing fully into the age of electronics. Specifically, the Missouri judiciary is working on a pilot system that will enable attorneys to file case documents electronically in the courts. Electronic filing has been a long-term goal of the Missouri Court Automation Committee (MCA) since its inception in the late 1990s. The MCA has been working to establish a statewide case management system, a document management system, a support network for the approximately 5,000 court workers who use these systems, as well as Case.net, the statewide court public access portal. When the last state court joined the statewide case management system in 2008, the only remaining piece to the puzzle of creating a fully electronic court system was the development an electronic filing system.


Potential Benefits


By allowing attorneys to file and view documents from any computer with an Internet connection, both attorneys and clients will be better served, and our citizens as a whole will receive better services. In addition, our reduced clerical staff can spend less time chasing down paper files and more time reviewing filings for accuracy and ensuring data integrity. Attorneys will be able to file and view cases or documents seven days a week, excluding scheduled maintenance outages or when technical difficulties arise. As mentioned above, attorneys also will be able to serve other registered users electronically and receive notices from the system. Through electronic filing, attorneys should be able to reduce or eliminate their costs for printing and binding, postage, overnight delivery, and courier or other travel delivery costs. Studies in King County, Washington, and other courts using electronic filing all clearly indicate that once implemented, both attorneys and courts find e-filing extremely beneficial and have no desire to go back to a world without e-filing. The Missouri judiciary hopes that you will find this pilot valuable, that you will use the system, and that you will join us in supporting future development of this important project.